Heat alert in Belgium

Belgium is experiencing a heat wave these days. Temperatures above 35 degrees have hit the country for several days.

The alert phase of the Heat Wave and Ozone Peaks plan was activated, following the very hot temperatures in the country, said the FPS Public Health in a press release.

This means that complementary measures must be implemented in addition to the measures already taken “with special attention to the elderly, the chronically ill, young children, socially isolated people and people who have to make intense efforts during periods of high heat,” the communication states.

In concrete terms, access to drinking water must be guaranteed, shaded areas must be provided in places where people have to wait outside, in nursing homes, people isolated because of Covid-19 must have the coolest rooms, and care facilities must have enough staff “to ensure that residents are adequately hydrated”.

In these extreme situations, MRI strongly recommends drinking plenty of water, maintaining a good “salt diet”, getting as much rest as possible and staying in a cool room. Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. Check up on family, friends and neighbors, especially those who live alone.