King Philippe welcomed the mobilization of citizens in Belgium

King Philippe welcomed the mobilization of citizens in Belgium. At a time when the European democratic model is regularly attacked, it must be a means of encouraging political power and public authorities, he said in his New Year’s speech to the country’s authorities.

These last months have been rich in citizen movements: climate marches but also yellow vests without forgetting the initiatives taken to welcome migrants.


“What must encourage us is the citizen mobilization that illustrates the vitality of our society, and the desire to forge together our future. Our democracies are under pressure, but they are alive and well. They are our pride and carry irreplaceable ideals and values such as listening and dialogue. The various movements we are expressing a desire for collective action. They demand a new economic and social dynamic, more equitable. And a fundamental adaptation of our ways of life to avoid irreversible disruption of our planet,” said the king.

“Young people show ambition combined with deep feelings of authenticity and solidarity. They have a keen awareness of the needs of our planet. Let’s give them the place they deserve and build with them the solid foundation they can rely on.”