Listening to the Sound Week

From 29th January to 4th February, Sound Week will give you the opportunity to get an indepth overview of sound, and how important sound pollution, volume and the quality of sound is.

Sound is probably one of the most important elements in everyday life. We’re constantly surrounded by different sounds: when we’re watching a TV show, when attending a gig, or just walking in the noisy Brussels streets. Noise is, therefore, a significant part of our life, and so it’s worth understanding how it works and what its potential impacts are.

Sound Week seeks to highlight this. Since 2011, the cultural event has been held throughout a variety of locations to educate people about sound as well as to make them aware of the importance of the quality of the sonic environment.

It is however not only about spreading information on health and decibels, as the attendees will also be introduced to the different ways of creating music and films, and the ways to broadcast them on a large-scale. That’s why the organisers have invited artists, who are supposed to share another type of experience with the public. Should you be interested in attending one of the workshops, the artists will unveil how they create music and sounds, instead of only talking about the success of their songs.

Tuesday 30 January will specially be dedicated to hearing health. The different events will present you the “Label 90 dB Concert”, which aims to create music that doesn’t exceed 90 decibels throughout the gig. If this threshold isn’t breached, there is absolutely no risk for your hearing health. This label was set up two years ago and now has some cinema rooms as well as theatres that have been certified. The first results and perspectives will then be assessed and presented to the audience.

Sound Week encourages you to walk around Brussels and see over 20 places that participating in this event.