Meet the new restaurants in Belgium with 1, 2 and 3 Michelin star

The Michelin Guide is an annual publication that aims to offer valid information and suggestions on touristic destinations and gastronomy of a specific country. The first issue came out in 1900 and for the first years the guide focused only on France.

With the passing of time, more and more people started appreciating the guide, and the editorial house decided to discover other countries’ culinary delicacies and holiday destinations, expanding the project to other 12 European countries.

So far, Belgium collected 144 restaurants in the Michelin Guide, thanks to the new entries acquired with the 2018 edition published last week. In fact, thirteen new restaurants around the country got one Michelin star, which confirms a “cuisine of excellent quality”. The are:

  1. The Butcher’s Son, Antwerp
  2. Dôme, Antwerp (Frédéric Chabbert)
  3. Bistro Racine, Braine le Château
  4. Zet’Joe, Bruges (Geert Van Hecke)
  5. L’Ecailler du Palais Royal, Brussels
  6. Chambre Séparée, Ghent
  7. OAK, Ghent (Marcello Ballardin)
  8. De Vork van Luc Bellings, Hasselt
  9. M-Bistro, Nieuwport (Mattias Maertens)
  10. Carcasse, Sint-Idesbald
  11. Goffin, Sint-Kruis
  12. Brasserie Julie, Sint-Martens-Bodegem (Thomas Locus)
  13. Altermezzo, Tongeren (Jo Grootaers)

New 2 stars

The guide also upgraded three Belgian restaurants granting them two stars, which mean that the cuisine is “exceptional and is worth a detour”. They are:

  • Vrijmoed, Ghent (Michael Vrijmoed)
  • La Source, Lanaken (Ralf Berendsen)
  • Boury, Roeselaere (Tim Boury, also named Gault & Millau chef of the year 2017)

New 3 stars

The guideline followed by the Michelin Guide was influenced by a research of “eclectism and innovation”, two elements that enrich and liven up the Belgian restaurants.

Map of all the Michelin restaurants in Belgium

Michelin map