New Portuguese bookstore in Brussels: La petite portugaise

Brussels offers an almost endless choice of great bookstores, with various options for languages, topics and services. In 2017, Brussels Express released its selection of the 5 best bookstores, namely La Piola LibriGalerie Bortier, PtyxWaterstones and Librebook.

The Portuguese expat community was dreaming of having one dedicated to its culture and literature. It seems this dream will come true next January 21. “We are a small group of friends who one day wanted to create in Brussels a space where you can discover the Portuguese culture in all its variety: the historical episodes that built it and what is done again today” this is the welcome message you can find in La Petite portugaise website.

La petite portugaise will opens its doors  on January 21 at 11:00 am under the topic of Fernando Pessoa, the famous and immortal Portuguese poet.

Good to know:

Address: 1050, Chaussée de Wavre – 1160 – Brussels