Oldest Belgian, Fernande De Raeve, celebrated her 111th birthday

Last Sunday, Fernande De Raeve, the oldest living person in Belgium, became 111 years old. Unfortunately she was not able to celebrate this special occasion due to illness.

At the age of 8 when World War I broke out, Fernande met Emilius, her future husband, in 1929. The couple lived in Oostakker with both their son and daughter.

When her husband retirement, Fernande accompanied him on several trips. After his death in 1995, Fernande lived alone for five years before moving to her daughter’s.

At the age of 96, she came to live to the elderly home “Het Heaved” in Ghent. Her eyesight has greatly diminished but, according to staff at the home “walk, a ray of sunshine and a good glass of wine”.

Fernande De Raeve