Ommegang in Brussels: Belgian actress Natacha Régnier will be the Herald this year

This year’s Ommegang will be narrated by a very special Herald: Natacha Régnier. The famous Belgian actress will lend her voice to this event that recalls the history of 1549, when Charles V introduced his son and successor, the future King Philip II, to the leaders of the territory that is now Belgium.



As a cultural event, Ommegang is intended to bring all Belgians together. “It’s a wonderful story, which will be performed by more than 1500 participants, wearing incredible costumes, all coming together to tell the story of Belgium’s unity,” said the actress, who is also the first female Herald of the event.

“It’s a little bit like Game of Thrones: I’m going to tell a magical tale. Performing live is always a great thing to do,” she added.