Snapshots of Contemporary Czech and Slovak Fashion at Halles St. Gery

The year 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Czech and Slovak statehood, and the 25th anniversary of the independent existence of the two countries. The Czech Centre Brussels has decided to celebrate the century in style.

From 9th to 11th November in the wonderful premises of Halles Saint-Gery, Brussels, a three-day show presents the best of Czech and Slovak contemporary fashion design. The market presents for sale items of 14 designers who will be available for a chat on their brand. The event aims to give space for networking between the Czech, Slovak and Belgian scene. But of course, the doors are open for everyone who is curious about the contemporary fashion trends.

This treat for fashion lovers will offer three up-cycling workshops with designers on Saturday 10th November, at 15:00, and the Fashion market will be open from 12:00 – 20:00.

“The Czech fashion scene is abundant in new ideas and superb craftsmanship – from bold new stories in Prague’s Baroque palaces and renovated warehouse to Brno’s entertaining mix of traditional textile techniques with punk attitude,” says Tamara Katuscak, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Kingdom of Belgium.



The curator of Czech and Slovak Fashion Festival 2018, Darina Zavadilova, emphasises the importance of developing a scene which has such a wide range of style – from unique traditional motifs to female empowerment and minimalism. ”The scene is particularly indebted to the current European trend of returning to national values and local traditions, combined with an ethical and environmentally friendly approach to production.”

Most importantly the products have been manufactured in Prague and Brno from start to end by young designers who have become widely recognised with their own brands not long after their graduation.

“They all represent values central to the contemporary Czech and Slovak fashion scenes and rooted in our shared history and traditions: highly skilled manufacturing, traditional techniques, textile design and folk motifs, combined with playfulness, a little provocation, recycling approaches, urban culture and minimalist aesthetics.”