The success of Lotus Bakeries in America and Africa

2018 was a fantastic year for Jan Boone, CEO of Lotus Bakeries, and his family. Over the past seven years, the family business has doubled its turnover. This year, Lotus is opening its first plants on another continent, in America and Africa.

Last year, Lotus Bakeries, in East Flanders, generated €556.4 million with sales of its caramelised biscuits, Dinosaur biscuits, Nakd fruit bars, Suzy waffles, Zebra cakes and pastries. That was a 6.2% rise over the previous year. Organic growth (excluding takeovers) was 5%, which was unexpected, explains Jan Boone. “We are aiming for an average growth rate of 3 to 4% per year. We exceeded our expectations in several countries.”

“Our biscuits are now sold in 75% of American supermarkets. Since 2016, the United States has even been the largest market for Lotus caramelised biscuits. Last year, we sold 1 billion biscuits there”. At the same time, Lotus is continually selling to new countries. Last year, it entered the Indian and Vietnamese markets. This year, South Africa and a number of countries in Asia and Latin America are planned.