Tips for Father’s Day

Three weeks after Mother’s day  comes Father’s day. If you have no idea about activities you could do with your dad, Brussels Express provides you with some tips.


Have you ever wanted to see how Belgium or Brussels is from the sky? Do you like extreme sensations? If so, skydiving is definitely something you should have a look at tomorrow. It will cost you about EUR 200 if it is the first dive you are doing, but it is worth having such an experience at least once in your life. Three centres may allow you to have skydiving in Brussels: Spa, Namur, Cerfontaine. In case you should be interested in such an activity, you can have a look at this website.

Belgium Diaries

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Wine Man Show

If you are not involved in sports or extreme sensations, but you prefer popping down at theatre to watch shows, you could be interested in the “Wine man show”. What is it? Eric Boschmann is a very famous Belgian wine waiter. And he is currently performing at “Théâtre le Public” in Brussels to provide you with a funny insight into the wine world. You will know everything about the history of wine, from Greece to Argentina, from Lebanon to Chile. Should you be a red (or white) wine fan, you should attend such a show.

The World of Steve McCurry

You also might prefer having a chill and cultural activity for Father’s day. This is then a good opportunity to go to the McCurry’s exhibition in Bourse. It has been set up a couple of months ago, but if you haven’t been there yet, it’s a good opportunity to be informed about the famous American photographer’s work. It is the broadest exhibition about Steve McCurry in the World, and his most famous pictures are presented. In case you cannot be there over the weekend, no worries. You can go there till the 25th of June.

Escape game

Were you used to play games with your parents for hours and hours when you were a child? Most of the people used to do that actually. If you miss that time and you would like your brain to be highly stimulated a couple of hours, you really should have a look at the “Escape games”. What is the point? You are in a small room with a team (about 4-6 persons) and you have to solve a puzzle. Although it could seem easy, that’s a big deal and every single item in the room can be used to solve the puzzle. If you don’t get too angry when you play games, that’s worth experiencing it! Should it be of interest to you, you can visit this webpage.


If you are not satisfied with the BE’s suggestions yet, you also can attend the Electronic Garden party at Parc Royal, run for the Brussels Urban Trail or march for the migrants.