Traffic disruptions on Belgian National day

Brussels Mobility has announced that traffic will be interrupted on July 21st in Brussels, on the national day.

The following places will not be accessible to traffic:

  • Poelaert Square
  • Rue de la Régence
  • Place Royale
  • Royal Street
  • Palace Square
  • Place du Sablon
  • the arteries around Parc de Bruxelles and Montagne de la Cour
  • Place du Trône
  • the arteries around the Cathedral St Michel and Gudule
  • Rue de la Loi
  • Rue Belliard
  • the Schuman sector / av. Auderghem

That is why it is strongly recommended to reach Brussels by public transportation such as train or metro.

STIB has also announced the deviations on its regular transportation network.


Prohibition of traffic (including trams and buses) from 5am until the end of the festivities:

  • Poelaert Square (including the Poelaert exit of the Stephanie tunnel which will be closed at night)
  • Rue des Quatre-Bras
  • Regency Street
  • Grand Sablon Square
  • Ernest Allard, Joseph Dupont, Coppens, Bodenbroeck and Ruysbroeck Streets
  • Place du Petit Sablon
  • place Royale
  • Coudenberg
  • Mont des Arts
  • Ravenstein street
  • Rue Royale (between Loi and Place Royale)
  • Ducale Street (between Law and Throne)

The parade will take place from 16h to 18h and gives rise to the following measures:

  • from 12h / 12h30:  Cinquantenaire + Loi tunnel will be closed, tunnel Reyers in the direction of the center will be closed, and avenue d’Auderghem (between Hunting in Schuman)
  • from 12.30 until around 18.00: no movement in the area of ​​the parade and its surroundings: avenue de Cortenbergh (between Renaissance and Schuman), rue Archimède, roundabout Schuman, rue de la Loi (including Tunnel access Joyeuse Entrance), rue Lambermont
  • from 14h until around 18h00: place du Trône on the surface (no interruption in the tunnels except closure of the Belliard exit), avenue des Arts and Boulevard du Régent between Loi and Trône (closures only on the surface), rue du Luxembourg and Montoyer street, rue Belliard (including the Belliard exit of the Trône tunnel and the large tunnel Belliard direction (E40) / Tervuren). The section of the rue de la Loi between Arts / Law and Royale (in front of the Parliament) will remain closed until the evening (end of the fireworks).