Two women found dead in the streets of Brussels due to hypothermia

On Monday October 29th, the dead body of a woman was found lying on rue François Navez, in Schaerbeek. The following day, another woman died near St. Catherine’s Square. The cause of death was hypothermia.

Despite the death of these two homeless women, the winter centers of Samusocial in Brussels will not be opened earlier than planned. The office of Brussels Minister for Human Aid, Pascal Smet (sp.a) reported that there are still enough places available in the centers.

“The winter plan starts on November 15th, which will include 1,000 additional places. As of now, there are still places available. Last night no one was denied a place,” said Mathias Dobbels, spokesperson for Minister Pascal Smet.

Throughout the year, about 500 places are available for the homeless. During the winter plan, this number is extended to more than 1,000 places. The opening of the various centers is done in phases, according to the demand.