100 new bike boxes in Ixelles

By the end of this new term, the municipality of Ixelles plans to install 100 new bike boxes, which will accommodate 5 bikes each.

“After consultation with the service, we defined a strategy. There are already more than 1,400 arches in Ixelles. From now on, we will type in all the intersections. Then, we will place bike boxes,” explains the new alderman of Mobility, Yves Rouyet (Ecolo). “People want to have a box located 100 or 150 m from home, otherwise it is not interesting . ”

The commune of Ixelles has been associated with CycloParking since 2017, with the aim of developing parking of bicycles with access control and promoting the use of bicycles.



The alderman also plans to create “hubs” near intersections.  He further explains: “The Highway Code prohibits parking within 5 meters of a junction. This has never been applied to Ixelles. Rather than expand the sidewalk ears, which is expensive, why not use this space, which can no longer serve as parking for one car, in order to create a space for alternative mobility?”

Places will be made available for scooters, and electric ones as well.