8 years later the STIB launches a new transport app

Brussels transport authority, STIB-MIVB, has released a new transport app which includes a significant new feature: a journey planner and more.

As much as the old MIVB app -released in 2010- was helpful, the new app, which you will have to manually install on your smartphone, will make it easier to plan your trip. It includes a start and end point, it shows route options, and it will also calculate journey times.

So just like in the website, you will be able to input the address you want to get to, plan the type of transportation you can take and the time to get there. But that’s not all.

The new app includes other public transport providers in Brussels, so it will also show available routes by De Lijn, TEC bus or SNCB trains.

Up-coming updates to the app will include other travel options such as Villo!, and services such as checking your Mobib card balance.