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Category: Diplomatic event
Date: Tuesday, 22 March 2017 / 15:30 – 18:00
Venue: Press Club Brussels Europe – 95, rue Froissart – 1040 Brussels

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The Brussels Diplomatic Academy of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel 

invites you to a presentation and Q&A on

Development Communication: 
how to harness communication tools in order to boost engagement with partners in developing countries

with Dr. Sarah Karinge, Development Consultant and Post-Doc Researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

In the diplomatic field, the rules of international protocol provide guidelines on the courtesy and etiquette required while conducting affairs between Governments and other stakeholders within the international cooperation arena. Traditionally, communication in international relations only occurred between States, a trend that has now changed with Non State Actors (NSAs) playing an increasingly important role.   However, the key role of career civil servants in forging important relationships between their governments, host governments and other stakeholders remains critical, hence they are expected to facilitate bilateral and multi-lateral negotiations while at the same time projecting the image of their countries, in order to boost bi-lateral and multi-lateral operations.     Given the current state of international affairs, it is time to revisit some of the major clichés about the role of communication in foreign policy, international relations and diplomacy, in order to address the challenges posed by existing socio-economic conditions.

This discussion will cover topics such as the fundamental concepts of Development and Development Communication; open innovation diplomacy and communication; reliance on non-diplomatic channels; and intersections between media, public opinion, governance, and development and demands for enhanced outreach and accountability amidst dwindling resources.  With an eye on future developments, Dr Karinge will consider some challenges and prospects of communication practices in international relations between the North and South.

Sarah Karinge, Development Consultant and Post-Doc Researcher (VUB)

Sarah Karinge holds a PhD in Communication Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, a post-graduate Bachelor’s degree in Information Science, and an Honors degree in Public Administration, from Punjab University, India.   As a consultant, Dr. Karinge has worked with European Consulting Agencies and some organs of the United Nations.  Since 2004, Dr. Karinge has been the contact person (pro bono role) for sub-Saharan African countries at the International School of Brussels.  In the early part of her career, Sarah worked as Information Manager for Tetra Pak in Kenya.

Press Club Brussels Europe
95, rue Froissart
1040 Brussels

When: 22nd March 2017, 15.30

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