Colonel Brussels: Best Black Angus in town

This article is certainly not for vegetarians. Or maybe it is, because if you see this delicious piece of steak it might make you want to eat meat again.

I don’t remember how I found this place, but it was probably while searching the internet for good food places. It’s the perfect spot for meat lovers: great quality meat, cured hams and great wines, and all from around the world.

The location of this place would normally indicate very high prices; just next to one of the main shopping areas in Brussels, not far from LV, Dior etc. Yes, it is probably not one of the cheapest places you could have dinner at in the city, but good quality meat has its price. I prefer eating less meat, but when I do, it has to be from well treated animals, a designated location etc. Also, if you go to any other restaurant, the price for a piece of Entrecôte will easily cost you 20-30€ with a side dish.

At Colonel you’ll pay 70€ for 2 persons, for a big piece of Black Angus beef (800-1000g) that comes together with a portion of steamed vegetables and a bowl with French fries, fried in duck fat. 35€ for almost half a kilo of meat per person?! Not bad, if you ask me. The meat is tender, cooked as you wish (medium-rare for me, please) and you really don’t need any sauce with it. Just a few pinches of sea salt and you’ll get the full flavor.

So that’s the main act. As a starter we had a platter of different hams and cured meat, but you’ll also find Carpaccio, Bone marrow or Saint-Jacques scallops on the menu.

Their wines are great too, ask the waiters which they would recommend with you choice of meat, or if you know enough about wine, make the choice by yourself.

Of course there is also other, more expensive pieces of meat to choose from such as Salers, Aubrac, Charolais du Bourbonnais, Normande, Limousine, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Rubia Gallega, American Black Angus, Simmental, Wagyu and others. You’ll pick them at a counter where you can see all of the fresh meat on display and order it cooked as you want. The price per kg varies depending on which meat you choose.

You can also order a beef tartare, a piece of tender veal or fish, it’s up to you!

The atmosphere is vibrant, relaxed and still the waiters are very attentive and happy to help. It’s a great place for a business meeting, a date or to show to your parents. It reminded me a lot of some places in New York I must admit. Just better don’t try to just walk in on a Friday evening, as tables are booked far in advance.

Prices: 25-40€ pp
Good to know: Rue Jean Stas 24, 1060 Saint-Gilles