Minister of Mobility proposes new intelligent kilometer tax in Brussels

In an interview with L’Echo and De Tijd, Brussels Minister of Mobility, Elke Van den Brandt talked about her plans in terms of vehicle taxation. An intelligent kilometer tax should soon be implemented in Brussels, whether the other regions will follow or not.

In the current state of things, tax payers are submitted to a steady annual tax, which doesn’t take into account the way people use their cars. The new tax should factor in the time at which the driver uses their car, as well as the type of car that they drive.

A set of cameras that are already implemented in the low emission zone (LEZ) will serve as a means of control. Subsequently, a question arises: will the zone be limited to the region in its entirety? It could eventually be restricted to the Pentagon or the European quarter.


Unsplash – Fom: Riccardo Pierri @riccardopierri


Ideally, this plan should follow suit in a period of 5 years in Brussels, according to Elke Van den Brandt. As of July, the initiative had been proposed in the declaration of policy for the Brussels region.