Have a dinner O’Naturel

Tired of the same old routine, of the restaurants and bars that all look alike? The next time you pass by in Paris stop at O’ Naturel and try something new!

The restaurant opened its doors this November and is located in a quiet and anonymous street of the French capital. What is the unique feature of this place though? Well, it is a nudist restaurant. Yes, you got it right: you can taste the specialties of French cuisine without your clothes on.

The two owners, the twins Mike and Stéphane Saada, spent quite some time studying the nudist life-style, understanding it and observing its different applications in society. While doing that, they realized that there was a growing interest in the topic and in possible new approaches to it, and they decided to seize the moment.

The restaurant demands to its costumers to leave their phones and clothes in the changing room at the entrance and to wear the slippers furnished by the owners, although women are allowed to keep their heels on. Stéphane Saada remarked that “it’s our role to put costumers à l’aise from the moment in which they enter in the restaurant and while leading them to the table; we reassure them and remind them that no one is looking at them”.

The restaurant has relaxing blue walls and nice decorations, and all the chairs have a black covering that is changed every time a new costumer uses them. The only people wearing clothes are the two owners who serve at the tables, as required by the law.