The finest chefs in the Kingdom: Mastercooks of Belgium

The 2019 edition of the Mastercooks of Belgium Guide, which showcases some of the finest chefs in Belgium, is now published. The Mastercooks of Belgium Guide 2018 features over 150 top chefs who are “flying the flag” for gastronomic cuisine in this country.For the first time, the guide – seen as a “must-have” for lovers of fine food and wine – also has two new features.

The first is a section dedicated to 14 young chefs (featured on pages 160-175) who are said to represent the future of cuisine in Belgium and its reputation for fine dining. The second new component of the 2019 guide is what is called a “culinary passport.”



This allows anyone who visits a restaurant which is featured in the guide to receive a stamp on a “passport”. Collect ten of these and the recipient qualifies for an exciting “Mastercooks” gift.

The new edition, featuring 163 chefs from all over Belgium, is split into different categories according to the type of cuisine each specialises in. Some of the chefs may be familiar to viewers of cookery programmes in Belgium.

The guide gives full contact details and any recommendations from Michelin or Gault and Millau. The chefs briefly explain their personal philosophy when it comes to their culinary creation.

It is published by the Association of Master Cooks whose spokesman said, “This guide seeks to give an overview to the best cooks and restaurants of Belgium. For a chef, being recognized by his colleagues as a ‘master cook’ represents the summit of his career.”


The spokesman said the new edition of the guide features details some highly talented individuals who are described as “a real credit to their profession” and who are “fiercely upholding” the fine Belgian culinary heritage in their eating establishments. This ranges from promoting the country’s best products to the culinary creativity for which Belgium is world famous.

It is sometimes forgotten that it has more Michelin-starred restaurants, per head of population, than France.

The richly-illustrated guide is available in print as well as online.

Many of the featured chefs are either Michelin starred or recommended by the famous French restaurant guide and other similar “culinary bibles.”



The Association,which is the first and largest association of chefs in Belgium, said the guide was a practical and highly useful instrument which its members could offer to their clients and others in order to increase awareness of the work they do, their policies and also upcoming events in the culinary world.

Further details on the guide are available via the Association of Master Cooks